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    This is my website for fun, testing, playing,
    and showing what I can do!  I love coding,
    graphics, videography & photography!
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    Video and Photography
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    Website Design, Setup & Management
    Social Media Marketing & Management
    Content Management Systems; CMS, Blogs
    Multimedia and Audio Services for the Web
    Website Development
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Welcome to TonyStates.com home page for Tony States!

Tony States imageI do creative web design services, setup, management or upgrades, all done right here in Boise, Idaho for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Social media setup and internet marketing plans that will fit your budget and your goals, we help you figure out who your target audience is, how best to reach them and what message you want to send them to get them to engage with you.

Web development, marketing, graphic design, videography, photography, multimedia and audio services for any business.

Professional video, photo and audio editing;  full chroma key green screen videos and photography.  We produce 1080p high-definition professional audio/video multi-media solutions for you.

A few of the sites I have built recently are below.

Blue Star Consulting & Insurance Services, LLC

All American Rain Gutter Co.

Idaho Gold Gem Silver & Coin, Boise Idaho

Off Broadway Deli, Boise Idaho

Hardcore Computers Sales Repairs Service, Boise Idaho

Mockup-2 of InsMark by Tony States and Don Prehn

Documents on a Disk

Robert B Ritter Jr Blog


Passion, precision and simplicity

Website setup, management and re-design's, here in Boise Idaho or anywhere in the world.
Internet marketing strategies and web design services to help you build and manage your website.
Content Management Systems; (CMS), Domain Name Service; (DNS), SSL Certificates and Security.
Responsive web page layout, Mobile ready, automatically adjusts for any device.


E-Commerce setup and shopping cart integration.
Merchant services; Credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, merchant accounts.
Create and manage your e-mail marketing campaigns.
Social media setup and customizations.


Social media marketing plans, big or small.


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Tony States YouTube Channel

Links to Current Projects and testing pages:

Welcome to IGGSC; We buy and sell gold, silver and other precious metals, as well as coins and gems.

Idaho Gold Gem Silver & Coin, Jewelry, Bullion | Boise, Idaho (208) 853-6661



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Welcome to TonyStates.com need a website built, updated or a bug fixed.

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